Academic Keynote: Using AI and Blockchain to Monetize the Mobile Economy

October 19, 2018
9:45 a.m.  -  10:30 a.m.
The Fluno Center Howard Auditorium
Anindya Ghose

Anindya Ghose

Speaker: Professor Anindya Ghose, NYU Stern


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Consumers create a data trail by tapping their phones; businesses can tap into this trail to harness the power of the three trillion dollar mobile economy. This two-way exchange benefits both customers and businesses. In this talk, Dr. Ghose will discuss how Blockchain and AI are being used by global firms to monetize the digital economy. Drawing on his extensive research and consulting with companies including Apple, Alibaba, China Mobile, Facebook, Microsoft, Snapchat, South Korea Telecom, Telefónica, Samsung, and Travelocity, he will illustrate the 9 forces that mobile marketeers can harness to better target customers. He will also describe intriguingly contradictory consumer behavior; consumers find advertising annoying, but they fear missing out; they value their privacy, but they increasingly exchange their personal data. In a world of AI and Blockchain, the potential for monetizing the digital economy from the reduction of ad fraud and increased data transparency is massive.

Session Category :  Alumni & Friends Summit