Concurrent Session: Behavioral Science and Brand Building In an Omni-channel World

October 19, 2018
1:40 p.m.  -  2:25 p.m.
Breakout Rooms
Dr. Dan Young

Dr. Dan Young

Speaker: Dr. Dan Young, Hotspex & 30 Year P&G Alumnus


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In the context of the omni-channel world, we will explore the changing marketing landscape and how to apply behavioral science knowledge, methods and strategies to help build the business.

The environment of brands and products continue to evolve rapidly – the only constant is change.  The challenge today and in the future will be maintaining clear brand identity and consumer relevance in a complex world of marketing.  Our ability to understand consumer perceptions of brands and marketing elements at both a conscious and non-conscious level is crucial to automatically connecting with people on their terms.

With the above, comes an increasing need to knowledgably integrate learnings from implicit & explicit tools with fundamental behavioral insights. However, to do so first requires a better understanding of these tools, their application, and how to take learning to action.

Major challenges for Marketing & Market Research will be addressed in this session:

  1. A clear and actionable definition of “omni-channel” marketing is needed
  2. A better understanding of applying implicit & explicit research “tools” and integration to address business questions
  3. How to begin integrating our learning and apply across all consumer touchpoints