Corey Beilstein

VP, Director of Research Innovation

Corey’s path to insights and consumer understanding is a windy one. He holds graduate degrees in cognitive and human experimental psychology, studied food science and started his career in a white lab coat as a sensory scientist. If you ever want to geek out over coffee flavor evaluation (or chocolate, ice cream, packaged bars, cereal…), he’s your guy.

Exploring consumer sensory preferences led to a broader interest in consumer research. Corey joined Seed Strategy, Inc. in 2006. For over 11 years, Corey built and led the consumer understanding and insights program at Seed. He’s a tinkerer. An experimenter. A lover of clever approaches to getting deeper insights. Now, as VP/Director of Research Innovation for Burke & Seed, Corey continues to explore his passion for inventing, discovering and applying methodologies, new and old. Applying Seed’s innovation philosophies to ideation of research methods generates several R&D paths including enhancing the insights and predictive power of tracking programs and elevating the value of text and unstructured data.

Whether it’s innovating for upstream insight or blending methods for downstream optimization and validation, Corey brings Burke & Seed together in exciting new ways.


October 19, 2018
Concurrent Session: Managing Disruption: How to Interrogate Evolving MR Tools
Breakout Rooms
1:40 p.m.  -  2:25 p.m.