Paul Metz

Executive Vice President & Managing Partner, C+R Research, Alum, Class of 1994 & A.C. Nielsen External Advisory Board Member

Paul studied psychology as an undergraduate at Northwestern University, and after an advertising class and an internship at a marketing promotions firm, he developed a keen interest in social and consumer psychology.  After a few years in an entry level research job, Paul decided to enroll in the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research to build his technical knowledge and accelerate his career.  Since then, he has worked at the Quaker Oats Company and in his current position at C+R Research, and is thrilled to be involved with mentoring students currently in the program.


October 19, 2018
Leading through Disruption
The Fluno Center Howard Auditorium
12:00 p.m.  -  12:30 p.m.